Hey guys, I've been trying to get my sound to be a bit more thin and trebly lately, I was wondering if you could help. I have a Strat with an EMG 81 in the bridge, going through an Ibanez WD-7, Fulltone OCD, and a Boss Tu-2, into a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25. I'm trying to achieve a good, lead metal tone on the "burn" channel of the amp, and its just not sounding crisp enough lately.

I have the gain at about 3 o clock, treble also at about 3 o clock, mids at around 11 o clock and bass at about 12:30. I'm using the 81 in my strat and I just can't get it... thin enough! What is the problem here do you think? Thanks in advance.
treble all the way

on everythng

get a compressor

tht should work
but try it out at the store first just in case
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The main problem is probably the pickup. 81s are designed to be thick and full sounding. If you want a really thin sound you probably should get single coils. You could also try switching out speakers on your amp.
"mids at around 11"

"EMG 81 in the bridge"

"not thin enough"

"what's the problem here?"

for a dude who's got a mesa... it should seem pretty clear to you whats wrong :P
I've got the same amp. I've got three suggestions to try, in order of what will most likely work best:

Have you tried turning down the bass, and maybe the mids, too? The higher the gain, the more the bass needs to be turned down to keep it from sounding flubby.

I'd also recommend using the 25W setting, rather than the 5W setting for a tighter, crisper sound.

Sometimes trying to get a similar sound on your crunch channel as you are trying to find on the burn channel will get you a thinner overdriven sound.

Have fun twiddling the knobs ...