I've always grown up in a very musical family, (mother plays piano and stepdad is a university jazz professor) but it wasn't until I expressed interest in playing guitar that I learned my mother owns a black and chrome Gibson Les Paul Studio and my stepdad owns a LEFT HANDED baby blue Fender P-Bass, he's right handed and has it strung backwards. Anyone else have some strange stories about guitars in their family?
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my father is a professional musician/groupie
he actually toured with A7X about 2 years ago and i got to meet synyester gates
anyway i own a 1976 alverez the case alone cost $400
My family is musically retarded, I feel special.
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My dad got me into music, and has been a teacher/mentor with music.

For my 7th birthday, he gave me his Gibson SG from the 70's, but its not worth what everyone thinks it should be worth. He threw it down the hall after he bought it because his mom got mad at him about it, and it broke into a bunch of pieces...I think he said 7. But he had it fixed, and it plays beautifully. Id never part with it even if it were worth a pretty penny.
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My dad was a vocalist... and he played... get this... an ACCORDION, lmao.

I play accordion too. Chicks dig it

I build instruments for a living and I tune pianos. My wife sings in a couple acapella groups and she teaches at music workshops. My kids have always had musical instrument around them. I've got pictures of my youngest with a tri square and a pen doing the layout for my guitar necks when she was only 2 or 3 years old. Back then she used to strum away and sing flaming lips tunes.
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My family is musically retarded, I feel special.

Same here

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My uncle has a Gibson Hummingbird.

It's beautiful.
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my mum plays the violin and piano, my gran plays the piano and organ, my grandad plays piano, my dad plays drums, one of my little brothers plays bass and the other drums.
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Well apparently my grandma (from my dads side) was a good opera singer and pianist and a few other musical talents but all my mum listed when she told me (she said whilst watching me on my synth that I probably got my talents from her, never met her though she died before I was born) and then my dad was also roadie for Rory Gallagher, not exactly musical himself but it'll do.
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My family is musically retarded, I feel special.

much the same as me, sept ma dad can play a little, tho i dont live wi him
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