Okay, my saddle\bridge had an issues with a screw comin out so i had to tighten some screws, its all good now.

But some one told me my action might be messed up, I dont understand lol.
oh sorry I didnt know what i was doing, one screw came out so I put it back in and stuff. im gonna lower the action though it seems a bit high
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Oh im sorry. I thought your first sentence said you fixed it. There are two screws on the side of your bridge. Just loosen both of them a little and your action should raise. Are you sure your having this problem though? you said your guitar is fine.

depends on what type of guitar you have. TS what guitar do you have?
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Squire Bullet

ok, then the action is adjusted by tightening or loosening the two screws on each side of each of the 6 saddles on the bridge (you will need an allen wrench).

Edit: heres a pic of what im talking about.
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yep i have an allen wrench that fits, i made all the saddles even and it seems to play like a beauty :] my peice of crap is my beauty

that is till i get my new amp.