Poll: A you playing guitar right now?
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27 43%
36 57%
Voters: 63.
No, I'm listening to music right now. My roommate is asleep, so I don't want to play geetar and wake him up.
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no, i'm on teh interwebz, moron. Who can type and play guitar at the same time?
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i usually play guitar whilst browsing UG, looking at tabs etc..

but i'm not atm.
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yup i am and to that due who said u cant type and play guitar at the same time i am right now hehe i love helicopter by Bloc Party And Hysteria By Muse so im playing them at the moment!
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no, i'm on teh interwebz, moron. Who can type and play guitar at the same time?

Over half of the voters at the present time.
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If I had four arms I would but I've only got two so no, I don't surf UG and play my guitar at the same time...

I'm not sure how the thread starter learned to do this trick.......

He types and moves the mouse with his right hand and finger taps using his left, assuming hes right handed ofcourse
I was just playing guitar a second ago...I stumbled across how to play the intro to "Floaty" by the Foo Fighters, totally by accident.
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I know plenty believe me. I've seen both Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine live, so don't tell me I don't know my metal.

Usually when I'm on UG I have it in my lap, but currently something more important is taking up that space. Pizza rolls.
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No, as I can't plug it into my amp because I get a lot of feedback from the monitor, and my desk is in an awkward position so I keep bumping my guitar whenever I play acoustically.
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i am, i think i probably play too much, my homework suffers because of it,
mehh...who cares about homework!!!!

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I think the TS will know what to do next

im listening to music and doing hw right now lol well at least im supposed to be doing hw
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lol diversity in UGers:

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How can I play guitar and say I'm playing guitar on UG at the same time?

I've already said this. You use your left hand to finger tap and move your mouse/type using your right hand, assuming that your right handed
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i am, i think i probably play too much, my homework suffers because of it,
mehh...who cares about homework!!!!

Guitar FTW!!!

Screw homework!!!

No, listening to the new CD I got at the show last night
It's a long story, though, so I'll just say this: laxatives+metal do not mix.

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no 12.30am everyones asleep my headphones are too tight and dont wanna wear out the strings by playing without an amp

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