I'm thinking of buying a Dunlop Rotovibe and using it with both my Synthesizer and guitar. I'm thinking of buying it because I'm pretty sure rotary effects are what are used to make a particular sound I like. Could anybody tell me if I'm correct in my identification of the effect used on the sound? It can be easily heard (I think on an organ) in the songs Color Me In and Winter Now by Broadcast. If you're bored, they're two great songs, and it would help me out alot. I would hate to buy this pedal and then realize it can't do what I want it to. I've read reviews, so I know about how the pedal works, but feel free to leave any other comments you have about this pedal as well. Thanks!
The rotovibe is just kind of a flanger sound, and is honestly kind of lame. The Univibe is what you want. If that's too much, line 6 makes a decent leslie simulator in a pedal.
Dunlop Univibe - ive got one - its the nearest you can get to the true sound - pricey, but you pay for tone
or get a roland roto simulator, don´t remember the model name but it has that cool screen
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I've got a Voodoo Lab MicroVibe. Way better than any of the Dunlops, but it's still not that great. It's the best you can get without going boutique, though.