When you are about to get shot do a

If all fails, barrel roll.
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Paintballing is amazing in the right conditions. Hide somewhere reeaaaaally good and absolute maul everyone you see.
remember to take cover all the time

play full spectrum warrior if you have it

then youl be invincible if you remember all that
put all the paint balls in a freezer, then bring them in a cool box. You'lll probably break someones teeth if they were frozen lolz
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What's the place like? Where i go paintballing its just a disused field with some od ruins and hill and bushes and stuff its great. An old guy parks there with all the guns in the back of his car...im not sure whether or not its really legal. Great nonetheless.
Lol I went paintballing last weekend, it's great.

Always run out as far as you can at the start, because that's the easiest part to do it at.
Aim for their crotch. THATS how you cheat your way to victory
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If you want to do "rapid fire", then instead of just pulling the trigger normally, put your finger out straight then put it on the trigger (so the side of your finger is on the trigger and the rest is sticking out straight) and move it backwards and forwards. It's a lot faster than just pulling the trigger a lot.
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When you are about to get shot do a

If all fails, barrel roll.

that and aim the gun at their heads
steal the paintballs from everyone elses guns while they aren't looking. Or atleast one person. Then prey on them!
I sat and camped in a bush once, I completely fucked everyone who went past, if they noticed me at all it was already too late.

I should have proof-read that methinks.
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Shoot at close range, long range the balls tend to go a bit crazy and whirl all around the joint
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me and my friends used to be very good at paintballing back in the day. We learnt that teamwork is the key, go in twos or threes and cover eachother. have one or two ppl (depending on the # of people playing) hang back and act as snipers/rogues.

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before each game when the instructor guy lets you take over the cover of your gun and says dont shoot until I blow the horn shoot two of the other teams people just to intimidate then when in the game when people are running hide then hit them with your gun
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I sat and camped in a bush once, I completely fucked everyone who went past, if they noticed me at all it was already too late.

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go punch the other team in the face. theyll be all confused so your team can catch them offgaurd.
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freeze paintballs.

*but dont get caught.*

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The best thing to do is to assign yourself to a sniper type position,occasionally firing,but being accurate...Bide,but every time you hit a target,relocate...Always go for the mask (preferably around the mouth grill )
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I used to be a paintball marshal, and as far as tactics go, it depends what kind of game you are playing, or what the rules are.

It seems obvious but the biggest tip is to dodge paintballs. It is possible to dodge them, even from point blank range, but is easiest from long range obviously.

Another tip is to wear Baggy clothing, or if you are given Overalls then ask for a size up from your actual size, as the paintballs will slow and more than likely not break as they will be cushined in the folds of the material.

Stay low, keep moving, and I would suggest not buying pyro, its a waste of money, as paintball prices are extortionate at sites(its how they make their money, you can buy boxes of 2000 for around £25).

Oh and if your gun stops working, make sure the safety is off, then make sure it's cocked, then check you have paint left.

Its rediculous the amount of times you hear
"marshal my gun is broke."
"Is the safety off?"
*presses safety button*