Hello everybody! If you had a nearly unlimited budget and wanted to pick out some guitars what would you get and why? This excludes obvious investment choices like 50s or 60s Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, etc (and very early PRS's). Lets only do guitars because full rigs could get out of hand.

I play hard rock. Personally I would look for two singlecut style guitars with some type of passive humbuckers. This could include Les Pauls, PRS Singlecut, or maybe David Thomas McNaught singlecut. I like the ballsy roar of a set neck mahogany body, maple topped guitar. I would want these as my main guitars for rhythm and lead with one tuned to E flat and one tuned down a whole step. Then I would want one neck thru guitar with active EMGs and a Floyd tuned to E flat. I would use this specifically for shred leads. This might be a BC Rich or better yet Bernie Rico Jr custom, or maybe just something plain like a Jackson or ESP.

What about you?
First question. Do you have an unlimited budget?

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Fender telecaster vintage white ( Already got this one!) , Prs singlecut, Les paul custom, Sg custom and dave grohls signature guitar in white!

Oh how much i would love that
Quote by BadgerX
First question. Do you have an unlimited budget?

LOL, nice logic there.

Hmm, a [Jackson] KV2 King V, a [Dean] Inferno V , and a BC Rich KKV
Grrr!!! Rrrr!!! Rawr!!! Meow???
Hmm.. Just tried a great ESP Eclipse so it gets my vote. Just got a band together and as we play rock/metal im always gonna lean towards a guitar with loads of sustain and 'buckers.. play it through a Marshall JTM100 head/stack cranked up to 11.. pedals? dont use 'em much.
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unlimited budget? I'd buy Slash to play for me
Unlimited budget, Eh?

Well, that would mean getting stuff like Ibanez J. Custom, ESP CV Panther signature and such, but before all that I'd have to accomplish my dream of owning the entire PGM range (especially the HAM90th, such a beautiful guitar).
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
Just me but I'd get

a USA Dean Razorback Rust with Dimebucker in bridge/ DiMarzio Super Distortion in the neck.
a JMI 100 Watt head with 2 2X12 Cabs.
an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff.

The Razorback USA because it's a beast in it's own right. The JMI's because they're the best handwound amps I've ever played. The EHX Metal Muff because it literally integrates seamlessly with the JMI.

Guitars -
ESP V-500 w/EMG 81/85
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Marshall MS-2 Mini-Amp

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I'll go with a realistic at soem degree yet still 'unlimited' budget.

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Basicall if I had an unlimited budge, I'd get a lot of custom guitars with custom art. Plus a few vintage ESP Explorers.
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Custom spec Warlock, built just for me. "Vermintide" inlaid at the twelfth fret perhaps

Full body and neck binding, neck through, transparent black flamed maple top on mahogany, EMGs, string through, satin neck... The works
I would just buy every guitar in the world and give away what I didn't like ha ha (you said unlimited budget)