okay, i can play a ton of songs, and they're all pretty easy. but the thing is, im pretty sick of many of them.

got any suggestions for new stuff to learn? im lookin for more challenging songs to learn. here's a list of what i know:

Santa Monica (theory of a deadman),
WonderWall (oasis),
Surrender & Try Honesty (Billy Talent),
Stay Together For The Kids & Down (Blink 182),
So Close, Everybody's Fool, Tourniquet, Bring Me To Life, My Immortal, Whisper, All That I'm Living For, The Only One, Weight Of The World, Call Me When You're Soer, Heart Shaped Box, Forgive Me, Haunted (excluding solo) & Farther Away (all by Evanescence),
Tingue Tied (Faber Drive),
Predictable & We Believe (Good Charlotte),
Jesus Of Suburbia, When September Ends (Greenday),
You and Me, Hanging By A Moment (Life House)
What I've Done (Linkin Park),
Hero, Figured You Out, Feeling Way Too Damn Good (Nickelback),
When I Go Down (Relient k),
Broken (Seether/Amy Lee),
Pieces, Some Say (Sum 41),
All That I've Got (The Used),
Drown, Now Or Never, Get Out Alive, On My Own, Let It Die, Time Of Dying, One X, Animal I Have Become, Running Away, It's All Over (excluding solo), Pain, Never Too Late, Gone Forever, Let You Down, Overrated, Just Like You, Born Like This, Home (Three Days Grace)

sorry for the extensivly long list, i just want to include everything i know, so you know when suggesting, and im pretty sure im forgeting one or two. I know these are all fairly easy, thats why im lookin for some harder songs. I dont like old bands like Kiss, Queen, AC/DC etc, ect, or old guys, ie. Dave Bowie etc., so dont bother suggesting them. RHCP are ok, so you can try them.

thanks for suggestions in advance
Eh, how about trying to learn the solos that you have excluded? For RHCP i think Under the Bridge is nice, and learn the full version and not some simplified version.
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Ya, i keep for gettin to learn the solos, some of these songs i havent listened to in months.

As for forgotten songs, another i know is Swing, Swing by The All American Rejects and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
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A pretty easy one that sounds nice is Californication by RHCP and Be Yourself by Audioslave is good too
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