hey dudes! i need more sustain! for this solo im learning!

is there a pedal that u can get which increases ur sustain????

any help will be greatly apreciated!!

cheers fellas!
some kind of compression sustainer maybe?

What amp + guitar are you using?
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im using a samic ive had for about 7 years, it was set up by a pro session guitarist. and for amps im using a livingstone combo my dad bought me from aldi BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i know its very sad! but i blew my vintage yamaha 2x12 up lol

and yeh! thanks for help guys
Yeah, a Distortion or Compression pedal will get you that extra sustain, but I would really consider upgrading your amp, as no pedal will make that thing sound great
New tracks on my profile! Please check them out and see what you think!

basicaly though, what they all said
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I'd upgrade your amp. That way you won't only have better sustain, but also better tone, better effects, better od, etc.... A nice pedal running into a crappy amp still won't sound all that good.
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