I've been looking around for a new pedal and decided on either the Zoom G2 or the G2.1u. I've seen the G2 work a few times and was impressed and all the reviews I've read have been keen, but I've had trouble working out whether its worth the 40 extra quid for the G2.1u with the odd pedal thing on the side. The money isn't a problem but I'd rather keep the 40 quid and get the G2 if the G2.1u isn't worth it.

So, would someone that's tried one or the other or both ^^ give me some feedback plz?

Well, I own a G1 w/o pedal, and I couldn't really say I'm missing it. However, you should know that the pedal not only controls the wah function, but many others as well,. If you use "eccentric" effects, like pitch shifting, a lot (which I don't), it might be worth the money.
I just got a G2 and am very impressed so far. I've had several Zoom processors (505, 707II, GFX 5) and this one can't be beat for the money - I scaled back from a GFX 5 recently. I've heard nothing but good things from others who have used it for some time.

If you use a lot of wah or other effects that require an expression pedal, I'd go with the G2.1u. It's also got a USB connection so you can link to your computer, so I'd say it's worth the extra money if you're going to utilize the additional functions. If not, go with the G2.
The G2 is a great pedal for the price. It's a little hard to get a great tone at first since it has so many fuctions, but the manual helps a lot and if you take your time you'll be able to get some really great sounds out of it (not the quality of a tube amp tone ofcourse, but still very good). I haven't used the G2.1u but I think it comes down to what you're needs are. If you feel the need for a wah/volume/etc pedal than the G2.1u might be a good choise for you. I have a morley wah running before my G2 and that also works great, and it's of higher quality then the wah you'll find in the G2.1 I belive.
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If you think you won't need wah/volume/effect control, and don't want to record trough the USB, then get the G2. Also, the USB works great if you want to play along something, since the computers sounds come from the output (no effects on them), so you can just plug into your computer, listen to a song on Winamp and play along with it.
i have the b2.1u and it is pretty cool, my brother has the g2 and he got the pedal seperate. i think it is worth the extra money for the pedal with it.