Hello, excuse my ignorance.. I was looking at guitars at www.musiciansfriend.com and i ran into a guitar that cost 33,000 ( Martin D-28 Authentic Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar )

Now, really. Whats the reason for this guitar to cost in the thousands ?

What makes these guitars way different from the 300 dollar ones...

Thanks for the feedback!!
Well the ones that are like $30,000 are normally signature models of people like Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix.
Replicates the specs, materials, and processes used in the construction of the original pre-WWII instrument.

I think thats their main reason for ripping you off
Guitars like that, are more collectibles not late-night gigging material. Thats something like if your a die-hard collector, and you'd be surprised that they do sell many, and you want this to complete your collection. Would I spend 30,000 on a guitar? Hell no. Maybe a die-hard Jimi Hendrix fan might.
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30,000 is alot but consider that people have paid upwards of 1,000000 for Blackie and other famous ones (though given this guitar Isn't as famous as Blackie or Hendrix's White Strat)
According to a review of it, the neck bends overtime for no reason. So I smell rip-off.
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one month ago there was a Fender Start from 1964 or 1963 on ebay. The article said that the guitar is unplayed and in the end someone payed 24.000$ for it. Not bad i think.

so.... Martin and Co. made a guitar (ONLY ONE!) thats cost $150,000. They used alot of peraloid. It a Neil Armstrong tribute. You can see It at Guitar Center's website. I dont knwo what its under.
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