hey guys, currently looking for a good effects processor or pedal...but i have one question, Why are single sound pedals just as much or more than multi effects??
what are you wanting from this pedal? what kind of sounds?

also a price range would be good

I am very happy with what my multi-FX can produce so don't rule that out
Single pedals cost as much as lower end multi effects because they do that one thing better. Usually, a LOT better.
single pedals are usually better quality...
basically multi fx - usually loads of crappy (particularly if it's a low cost multi effects unit) effects stuck into one box.
Singe - usually godly sounding (particularily if it's expensive) effects unit...

i never went for the multi effects, cause i never thought i would use so many...i use a distortion, an overdrive and hardly use the chorus, but they're all godly to me. What if i had a multi processor? i would prbably use 2-3 things that sound ****, and the rest would remain untouched.
with my experience if you gig, its alot easier with single pedals to switch fx. now i have heard that a decently priced multi fx pedal is good for recording since u do have that liberty of stopping and changing fx. also all comments mentioned above me are also true too. just depends on what your using the pedals for. Recording and home practice only i would say a high end multi-fx pedal, but if ur also gigging i recommend single pedals. but try some of each out and decide for urself, hope i could help
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You get what you pay for. After using an RP 300a for a year then going to the Pod XT live. The RP is a toy compared to the XT.
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If you have a little more money to burn, check out the TC Electronic G Major.
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