Hello everyone, I'm a relatively beginnner on bass and this is the first thread I post on this site. Of course I use the tabs on this site, and there's all these different methods of playing; slap, pop, tap, slide, hammer-on... but there's one called REST (identified with an R on the tabs) and I can't figure out what it is. Can someone explain what it is and how to do it? It would be extremely appreciated. And if this had been a topic already thouroughly dicussed before, I apologize, but I can't find the info ANYWHERE and it's been drving me crazy!
I'm guessing it's just what it says, a rest. You stop playing for a specified amount of time.
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is it possible its just a pause in the music.

the tab could just be indicating rhythm

IE Crotchet rest crotchet rest
A rest is the most important part of any music. Like Max above me said it's when you stop playing, or "rest", for a given amount of time. A whole note, half note, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second etc.