Ok, so I downloaded some file from the internet and the problem is that it is a .zix file. Googling and searching for info, I found out that you need a program called Winzix, which appears to be a trojan or ad aware or well, I'm no professional here.

So can I open it without having to install the winzix crappy thing? Because if I install it, it might ruin my PC, won't it?
Seems like this a new compression, and it seems like there is no way around winzix... and yeah, it has adware...

You could try it with Winrar...
yeah, i was going to also suggest Winrar, but i just check the formats it supports and its not listed. Ill research some stuff and let you know.

EDIT: Apparently the whole file extension is just a big scam. The Winzix is packed with crap. Download a new file with a different format, that's all I can think of.
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lol.. you get that from downloading ****ty file types
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Lol anyway, I can't be bothered to start such a long download again.

So if you come up with any ideas, they would be very welcome!

lol.. best idea i can come up with is to download a real file type or try to find something that will convert it.
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way