hey i have just uploaded some guitar stuff i am going to try and use for my band i just want to see if anybody thinks its any good are not or if everyone thinks they suck since im sure ill probally get bashed by just about everyone but none the less i figured i would give it a try the quality is not the best because i had to do the recordings with a computer mike but its audible i did the best i could with them
Demo track 2 was good, but you need to have some variety in the phrasing. There was a good metal rhythm going but you went a bit heavy on the pinch harmonics.

I think if you took a look at some blues solo structure you might be able to make something like a song rather than just a rhythm.

Overall though you are on the right track.

thanks for the advice yeah i guess i did just thats one of the things i have trouble with structuring songs ill definatley take a look at that
I just finished listening to demo track 3. It has some good ideas. I think you stick to that intro figure for way too long though. by the time it changes to that other riff it's gotten quite old.
i appreciate the feed back u may be right i start to kind of pick that up the more i hear it im gonna try to come up with something to change it up a bit more
not bad, im not going to try and bash on you, because i know your probably not a ten year pro guitar player. i would recomend using some old school prctice techniques. like hamering all four fingers on every string starting from the first fret then moving up to the last. ex 6th string pick 0 hamer 1 hamer 2 hamer 3 hamer 4, 5th string same so on, remember to use all four fingers use the index on the first fret, middle on the second, ring on the third, so on. after you get through the six strings just slide over one fret and keep going. after you get good at that you can try the same thing with pull offs. trust me it helps build up speed especially for leads. keep up the good work.
As for demo track 4, even considering the coughing, i the beginning riff is pretty good, but repetitive, maybe some sort of variation in there would be cool. The chord progression is pretty cool, its a pretty bad recording, and some of the stuff almost seems random and not have much rhythm or structure too it. I think if you worked at demo track 4, it could be a pretty good song, just try to make a structure to the song and get better recording.

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