Its getting close to xmas and i really want a new amp (my mg30dfx isnt cutting it anymore) anyways, im mostly a bedroom player but i do a bit of jamming / school shows so it has to be moderatly loud. i play things like sabbath, helloween, dokken, zeppelin, rush so im after good cleans, solid classic rock distortion and with the help of a distortion pedal (or not) a good high gain metal tone. im kinda leaning towards getting a vox ac15 but i havent tried any pedals on it yet so im gonna go back and try it out sometime next week. anyother good amps to try (price range $200-$900) that fit my criteria?
If it can reach high gain, (I havn't tried this, but maybe someone who has can help out) the Tiny Terror with a 2x12 might be worth a look.
I'm not really knowledgeable on US sites however but i checked and it should be roughly 900-ish
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I dont know if you've ever tried the Crate Palomino series but they are excellent amps. I have the V16 which is 15W class A tube but theres also some larger ones like a 30W and 50W. Id try one out next time your at your local guitar store.
mesa boogies are killer amps. great cleans and real heavy distortion, or light distortion. they might be a little outta your price range(mine was $1000 used) but check em out. they have tons of watts9about 100) and fit your style of music.
well if you want a marshall tone, JCM 800 should do it for the classic rock tones, and possibly an EQ for mid-scooped metal. cleans might be a problem though, but u probably would have money left over for a decent chorus (you're gonna have to buy the JCM 800 used, unless you wanna pay 2000 dollars for a reissue). if you want a more modern sound, try the DSL, which is more modern voiced and also versatile (at least in features) than the JCM 800, but you really have to go try them out yourself.
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