Hey, lately ive been looking at guitars from www.rondomusic.com from the good reviews here i got from agile lps. but i can't seem to find anything on the quality of the SX and Agile tele's and strats on rondo.

anybody play/played one?
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The specs look promising so at $110, you can definitely make it a decent player if you're handy with set-ups/upgrades ... in case you're not crazy how it arrives stock. It's probably a good launching point for a project ... kinda like the Alder Squiers, but cheaper.

No, but I plan on getting a LP copy soon.
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If you like chunky necks, the SX strats and teles make a good guitar if you throw in new bridge saddles, tuners, and maybe pickups. You might also have to do some minor fretwork or replace the nut depending on how it comes, but for $110 its a good deal. I'm kind of interested in eventually getting the ash SX tele with body contours.

I have an Agile Fat Strat ST-1000 and it is a great guitar. The hardware is of decent quality (awesome wilkinson 2 pt trem, so-so wilkinson EZ-lock tuners). I would assume the TC-630 is probably closer to one of the lower end Agile strats in build quality.
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I I would assume the TC-630 is probably closer to one of the lower end Agile strats in build quality.

the tc-630 is a telecaster unless im mistaken?
it was one of the teles i was looking at specifically

it was the highest end solid body tele that was there. what are some of the advantages of a semihollow?

the strat i was looking at was


EDIT: I checked out the regular ST-1000, with single coils. the only difference i can find after checking the specs on the 1000 and 802 is the 1000 has alcino pickups and high voltage pots. are those worth the extra 50?

what do you guys think about those two
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There is a TC-1000 ash tele with a maple neck/fretboard and duncan singles in it, I haven't seen it in awhile though. Theres also an ST-1600 ash strat with duncans but people that had em didn't like em all that much.

There are more differences between the ST-802 and 1000. Im pretty sure the 802 is a 3 piece body and I think the 1000 might be a 2. The pickups on the 1000 are higher quality alnicos like you said, the pots are probably alphas in both of em, they might be higher end in the 1000 but I dunno. And the trem on the 1000 is a different model (higher end wilkinson). Those are worth $50 in my book, but the 802 still doesn't seem like that bad of a deal. If you are planning on replacing pickups then both guitars would be fairly equal in the end.
You get what you pay for. You'll probably want to do a lot of upgrades, but it's cheaper than building from scratch.
EDIT: For the SX's that is. The Agiles are relatively more expensive and I expect they are similar quality to the Les Pauls that get lots of praise around here.
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alright thanks

what do you guys think of the tc-630?

its the most expensive solid body tele, but then theres the semi hollow.
i plan on using the st or tc for punk, ska, and some blues?

i know the semi hollow would work well for blues, but what about the punk and ska feel/sound
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I've played the semi-hollow one, and I liked it a lot.

It should be good for what you want it to do.

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