Which of those basses is better for finger, pick, distortion, and clean settings in a set. The NT is the Warlock with the 4 Precision pickups.
Neither but he's one that is... The Fender Jazz.

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i have a Thunderbird and i love it to death. i play with only fingers, since i hate picks ruining my strings and giving me a crappy sound. does it just fine.

BC rich is another story. i would assume its tailored toward pick playing because its damn near impossible to pluck 16th notes at 200 bpm like most metal songs, and considering that BC rich is primarily (but not always) for metal, it seems like that would be incorperated into the design.

I say go for the thunderbird, its big, its pretty, its LOUD, and its cheap

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+1 for the fender jazz
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Thunderbirds really do suck. I'm sorry, but they're REALLY poorly designed, the neck dive is awful, and they sound like ass, and I've yet to play a BC Rich that played or sound decent.

I would go for Ibanez or Peavey, at that price.
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I have a BC Rich Warlock, and I have played the Thunderbird. The Warlock has a much better feel than the T-bird. I've had electric problems with my Warlock, but I'm sure the T-bird has the same thing, when I was messing with the volume control, there was a scratching noise. Also, Thunderbirds are insanely top heavy, it wasn't comfortable playing sitting down, I cant imagine putting a strap on that thing.

Warlock >>> T-Bird
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We'll I also own the Warlock and played the Thunderbird and yes the Warlock beats the Thunderbird but how big of an accomplishment is that? Just get a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz for thirty USD less.

Stingrays FTW!

But you can NEVER go wrong with a Jazz bass.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
in this comparison i would choose the NT warlock over the thunderbird.

unless ive mistaken which basses you were comparing, the warlock has a neck thru, active EQ, and high mass bridge, where the thunderbird has none of those. but the warlock is double the price of the thunderbird.

i think you would prefer the esp f-255fm. it has the neck through, active eq, and a huge bridge too, but has EMG pickups and is a more respected brand. my friend has teh guitar equivalent of this bass and its a pretty sweet guitar.
i dont have a warlock, but i have a zombie and i love it, so id go with the BC Rich
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can i go with neither?

in my experience, both are terrible basses, the warlock with the slight edge, only because it looks a cooler, but seriously both basses put out terrible tone, don't play well (especially the thunderbird, terrible neck dive and virtually no access to the upper frets) and in general are poorly designed

you can easily find a nicer bass in that price range, especially if you look used
So this is like one of those "Would you eat a dead rat or human eyes on toast" questions.


If it was me and these were the only two basses left on earth I would choose the bird... Only becuase I hate BC Rich with a passion.

Otherwise I would get a Fender Jazz. If your looking for somthing more 'metal' (which is the only reason I can think of for wanting any of them) look at some Ibanez maybe?
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Everyone, let's keep in mind that it is this Warlock NT that he is talking about, not this Bronze Warlock .

There is a huge quality difference. I've played the NT before, and it wasn't half bad - although the EQ could be a bit more extensive, and the PU's could be a bit better.
Thunderbird all the way!!!!!!!!
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Um, probs not the solution to ur problem, but the Blackbird (Nikki Sixx sig T-bird) is wat im using atm, looks amazing, sounds great, massive problem = no volume/tone control, only pick up selector---> better quality sound without 'lectrics to get in the way, but hassle. Nyway, for me the neck dive has never been a problem as I hve a wide leather strap with wool lining, means it hardly ever slips.

Everything I've heard bout BC Rich seems to hint that they suck ass, but dont quote me on that