Hello guys!
i really need help with tabbing the song "to zanarkand" by uematsu.
i know there are sereral tabs in net , but i want to play the song like watercolour from youtube:
i tried more than one hour but its senseless-.-
im just too unexperienced in fingerpicked songs

i already asked watercolour for the tab but it seems he doesnt want to answer...
so all skilled guitar players out there plz help me^^
ure my last chance, i need to impress a girl

thx, nexus
Did you even search? The tab is on here.
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ofc i looked it up.
and i found it too, but as i told u the tabs i found (on UG) arent the one he plays.
i think they sound much better...
There are millions of tab sites on the internet, if UG doesn't suite you for this particular tab, search on Google.
i dont want to dl and install powertab only for this tab^^
its not the same, i know for sure and its not only the beginning which is different.

well it seems, that theres noone who can help me >_>
if you don't want to bother with a two minute download, if that, then you don't really want the tab that bad do you?

and no, It's not the same but it's quite simple just to take the tab and take it down an octave
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the power tab i found is arranged for 2 guitars oO
and and truley not the same as he play...

anyway tthx..
You can clearly see where his hand are on the fretboard.

Why not watch it in pieces and work it out from there?
i tried but im beginner.
the 1st part became clear to me in that way but later he plays faster and it becomes much harder to follow.
i rly tried 1 hour >_>