im trying to learn bass but, as most people realize to master somethign you just practice it over and over for hours on end such as scales etc, but if youve been practicing the wrong technique your ****ed. I understand there is no right or wong technique for most people, but i do like to follow the commonly accepted "proper technique" by most major musicians.

but anyways, ive been practicing finger picking, and i have been alternating practice of 2 or 3 fingers, but i really just dont know how to get a decent sound out of it. I swear i can hear a different of sound between each finger pick because each finger strikes the string in a slightly differnt location, and it just doesnt sound consistent.

also when playing i notice alot of buzzing in the strings because they are so big and loose. even when holding the strings very tightly on the frets, if my fingers pick the string a bit inward, the strings smack the frets causing a "slap" like noise. I avoid this by picking very carefully so the strings ring freely. is this normal on most basses or should i raise my action? continue practicing pickign very carefully and precise? Just finger pick very sloppily and just adjust my pickups or noise elimination options?
You're supposed to pluck with your forefinger and your middle finger, alternating. Or you could use slap and pop technique, which involves the side of your thumb hitting the lower strings near the pickups, then plucking outward the D or G string notes so it pops back.

Buzzing probably means you're pressing the string down too near the fret dividers, or that there's something wrong with the position of the neck and or strings. You should go and check that out with someone who knows how to fix these things, probably at a music store.

You concerned to know whether you're doing it right, I'd advise you to check things on the internet (as you are, but use google and you'll find plenty of answers too) and/or get lessons.
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