Im looking to add an overdrive/distortion pedal to my rig and Im leaning towards either the Ibanez Ts9 Tube Screamer (maybe mod down the road) or the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. I play alot of different styles, but which do you think is better for classic rock and blues. Hendrix is my biggest influence, and the Big Muff seems to capture the fuzziness that he played with, yet I like the tube screamer as well for it's sound. Opinions?
TS808/9 !

i don't really like the big muff, but i love the tubescreamers.
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the big muff is certainly not what you want, the big muff is the most overrated fuzz pedal on the market and quite frankly it sucks (trust me i own one).

Ideally you want a fuzz face, you could use a TS9 though and maybe to the 2 minute mod to make it a TS-808 to save you £30-£40
1.Out of those two a TS9. For what you want. The Big Muff is a great pedal, but not good for blues.


Which do you want?

3. THe Big Muff would capture Hendrix, I know, I use mine to do so, but it won't do blues. So you have to make up your mine which one you want, blues OD or Hendrix Fuzz.

PS: For clarification: EHX SOVTEK Big Muff Pi
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Muff is better... for me
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i have the big muff to, at first i thought i could use it for everything but thats the case, however it is very very good at what it does, the big muff is just one piece of the pedal board, and a good one at that!
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