I just bought a Boss GT-6 an I cant get a really good metal sound out of it, I know it can be done but I dont really have too much time to figure it out an I cant find any patches for the setting online really an was wondering if any one on here might have any setting that they personaly use. My band is in the pantera/ blacklable kinda sound an i cant find it with out time an my bands got a show on friday. my amps distortion channel died on me. I had a old randall warhead X2 that had plenty of distortion an well all head units are user friendly but I havnt got a clue with the multi effects an what not. an I need somthing quick. Ive channelled in a extream distortion sound but its not clear sounding. the chord changes an everything are extreamly distorted if someone know a great sounding distortion please tell me.
the best sounding part of your band is the guitar.

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sounds good to me
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
so you guys wouldnt really change it than. Thats good to know cause I liked it. but if any of you know any really good settings Id still be intrested.