I have tried a friend's guitar, and other guitars too. When I compare them to my guitar, I found theirs being far better than mine. The strings are easier to bend(I'm used to my harder-to-play setup). And if I pick, there's more force resisting the pick attack, so it's harder to pick in my guitar than in other guitars.

I will be buying a Yamaha AES620 at Christmas. Will changing my guitar affect my playing?
yes. But not to an extent where you'll be superb overnight obviously. a guitar's setup will change things as well. like the action etc.
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i got the AES620 semi hollow body, its such a great guitar
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if your having a hard time bending strings, you might want to switch to a lighter guage, however, switching to a lighter guage will give the guitar a brighter and higher sounds rather than a low and grunge-like sound. you action may also be set to high and that could be a problem with bending as wellas you have to bend the string even more just to get it to contact the fretboard, plus the downward/upward bend.
I'm not having problems with bending. It's pretty easy for me actually. Much easier when I play another guitar. I'm using .10s. It's just that, when I play another guitar, I feel like it's easier when picking and bending. I have a Yamaha EG112, crappy guitar, and I seen some other reviews say that the strings are hard(talking about ease of playing/playability, that I think, is caused by more tension in the strings). I find it harder for picking in my guitar. On the High E string, I have to either keep the pick almost in the same angle as the strings or hold the pick harder or else it will sound like in a lower volume or something.

It's pretty much frustrating.
Other things can affect perceived feel. A LP has a shorter scale and feels easier to bend. A floyd rose when you bend will pull up and make it feel easier to bend. Different kinds of bridges can do it to. String gauge will do it to.
My friends are all guitar noobs except for like 2. Someone even bought an Ibanez GIO, while Yamaha Pacificas are a better deal. None of them actually have a Floyd.