Thanks for closing my Vox DA5 post.

Some jackass said it was an AD?

Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with you people?

Because I share my story on another forum?

Is there some LAW against that.

Real nice welcome, boys.....

Welcome to UG! its a shame you wont be here long enough to enjoy it.
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Here's a quick pic I just took of the amp in my apartment, complete with cat toys on the floor.

That MY Aerodyne Tele, I don't work for Fender
Just to set the record clear, i dont think that was an ad.

but making a thread after your first one is closed is a no no.

got a problem? take it up with the mod that closed the thread.
Ibanez AFS75/Fender Strat Plus > Fulltone Deja' Vibe > Keeley TS808 MOD+ > Fulltone OCD > VanAmps SoleMate > Metro JTM45
^ ditto, that seemed more like a mini-spam thread, which in truth still isn't entirely allowed...

but yeah, no need to get angry at the forum, that just causes more problems.
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Bureaucrats gonna crat.

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Why so quick on the draw?

Somebody could have e=mailed or PM'd me?

But they just locked it, because the kangaroo court said it was spam?

Seems a little heavy handed to me.

BUT......anyway, I apologize for starting a new post. I just didn't know what to do about it.
Next time take it to site feedback. Also, if the mods had to PM someone every time they took action, they'd never get anything done and it would be another item on their list of things to do...

Edit: I'm not here to welcome new members. It would be polite yes, but it's not compulsory. If you want to be welcomed, there's a sticky in the new members Q & A forum...
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We see ads very similar to your post every day. You can't really blame xifr for closing the thread. The fact that you posted again already proves that you aren't a spammer.

It's too bad you got a bad first impression of this forum, as there are lots of friendly and helpful people here.
if you have a problem, you pm the mod. you DO NOT make another thread. ill give you a bit of leway cause you are new, but i suggest you read the rules quickly (or not so quickly) to learn what you can/cannot do. thanks, and i hope you enjoy your stay on UG.