ok, i dont know what happened, but the cable that connects my guitar to the amp... the tip of the cable broke off inside of the amp and its jammed in there now , and im hesitant to remove the casing and try to get it out. is there anyway to fix this?
If it was me, i would take it to a shop to get it out if you are that hesitant to do ti yourself, if you are friendly with your shop they should do it for cheap or if you're lucky, free
take the top off, wear rubber gloves, and use a screwdriver to get it out, happened to me at band practice last week, cos my amp fell over =[.. try not to bend the bits that keep the cable in tho
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Take it to the shop, alot of times if the dude there is cool and has fixed something similar and can do it in like 10 min he wont charge you becuse its good rep for the store.