I was playing around with my guitar yesterday afternoon, and as I was fingering a GM chord, I kinda got it wrong. Here's what it looked like:


Basically, I placed my fingers too closely together.
Being the theory freak that I am, I decided to find out what kind of chord that was, and after about uhh... 5 seconds I figured out that it was a CMadd2, or whatever you want to call it.

I think it sounds pretty cool, but I have no idea how to use it =P

So what does everyone else think about it?
It's a quite commonly used chord, really.

EDIT: VVV It's not a minor chord.
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it could be the relative minor chord of E flat, try substituting your chord in a song with E flat
Thats the second chord i learned, like 2 years ago.

I thought it was a Cadd9.

Its in Every Rose Has it's Thorn.
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i use that chord all the time
it goes nicely with an Em and a C
but i sometimes use it with an Am to pretty good effect.
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actually a very common chord,by leaving your third finger planted on the B move first and second finger up to the Aand E for the G whatever chord (dont know the names )again move them backto the second fret on the Eand G then to the Aand the D all while third finger stays on the B,i call them phantom chords. song examples push mb20 ,smashing pumpkinsE<B<G<D<A<E=x3023x,x30023,x302002,x300220 ,good chords ,fun and simple,andyou can play full songs for learning or practicing for singing in front of people
I just add my little finger on that fret every now and then when playing a cmaj chord and it adds a spicy flavour to the song
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Cadd9, the most beautiful chord ever. You could also add in a high E or G in there to extend it more.
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It's used all the time.
Your a real theory freak.

Warned. We want this to be an environment where people don't have to feel that they'll get made fun of if they ask a question.
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Dmaj - Cadd9 - G5 -> very common progression here, i'm sure many will agree