so i have alot of songs on mycomputer that are in mp3 format.
and i want to burn them on to cds.
i want the cds to play in a regular cdplayer or stereo.
do i have to convert the files into anotherr format or can i just burn them onto a cd
and thell play.

if i have to convert them can anyone tell me a site wher i cAn convert them?
a good one where i can convert large files becuase i dont want to them one by one.

thanks in advance.
Go on www.download.com and search for free audio converter

There's one good one that I use that's called just free audio converter or something like that, but there'll be loads.

And isn't it only some CD players that can play mp3's off a cd? (to the other 2 posters)
if you burn the cds using Windows Media Player you shouldn't need to convert
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I use CDex
it is a pretty basic ripper and convertor for .wav and .mp3. May have some other formats and a look around download.com may serve you better. I usually convert files to .wav from .mp3 prior to burning out of habit from the time when most burning progs did not do this on the fly.
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