Im using an ibanez SA120 mahogany guitar, its quite thin and has a floating bridge, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and two humbucking pickups, which im looking to change. it doest sound quite as deep as some of the bigger mahogany guitars but its definitely not bright.

i have to say i quite enjoy my sound through a modded Epi valve junior but looking as people are generally not so excited about the stock ibanez pickups im thinking that i could improve it even further by changing mine out.

i like to play 60's and 70's rock, some clean and jazzy improvisations, but some 80's thrash metal aswell (my amp can almost reach that with a bad monkey). I dont like a muddy or farty tone, but not an overly thin one either (i guess evos wouldnt suit me).

any help choosing the right combo of pickups?
ive heard good stuff about the breed thats for sure and it seems like a tempting choice! however ive also heard of people using the breed neck version in the bridge pickup positon with great results.

i just dont want the neck pickup to sound muddy and overly bassy like my current neck pickup sounds.
Air Norton or Classic Air for the neck pickup, maybe? I've got the Classic Air, and it delivers smooth, mellow sounds, but it can also kick people in the balls with enough OD.
take a look at the bareknuckle pickups: i would choose the cold sweat
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The Breeds warm, but not muddy...it's more lower midrange than low end frequencies.
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60 mm dunlop pickup


is TS wanting a bright pickup or a warm pickup???
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