For any of you Telecaster fans....

Fender Aerodyne Telecaster

She's a great sounding guitar. Hard to get a decent photo of it....it's prettier than the pic.

With a Seymour Duncan Hotrail at the bridge, and a P-90 at the neck.

I do not work for Fender.
very nice!
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It says "Crafted in Japan" on the neck. I'd say they "crafted" it pretty well, as I have no complaints whatsoever.
Nice :O
S---R---D- SHRED

How many times do you see SHRED in this?
I found it in a local shop. Barely used.

I see them online every once in a while.
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very nice

that must sound slick

With the P-90, it gives a pretty wide range of tones compared to a "regular" Tele. It gets real gnarly and Les Paul-like when it has to.
I believe I found one today. It looked alot like that. the pick up selector was the same but not in the same spot. Different pick-ups though but I'm not sure if was the same. I went to a pawn shop and I wasn't allowed to take its picture so i was kind of pissed and if I had 400 bucks I would of got it too.
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