Okay, now that you all have me lusting over Soldanos, Makos, Cobras, and Nitros, let me come down back to planet earth, and re-visit this whole preamp + power amp deal. I already own one good tube-based preamp, the Engl E530. And believe me, I am VERY happy with the sound I get out of that thing.

What if I just power it with the Rocktron unit. I mean, it's solid-state, but, if I get 99% of my sound from the Engl, I should be fine, right? Plus, it's only $239 USD. If Guitar Center stocks it (I doubt it), I could just buy it and try it out, then let guys know what happened. If it's crap, I can just return it.

Rocktron Velocity 100 Power Amp

Rocktron 100 product description

Because, NO ONE makes an inexpensive tube-based power amp (they cost as much, or more, than full-featured, all-tube heads). I mean for $750 [Engl $510 + Rocktron $240], I get an awesome-sounding, rack-mount amp "head," just without the head.
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