Alright guys , check it out the tracks are all live from our show last Saturday. We aren't the cleanest band but we def' know how to have fun on stage. Check out the live tracks and tell me what you think! Its a myspace so there is many songs on there...

^ Thanks for the comments bro! We're trying to save up some cash for a decent demo , but in the mean time all we got are the live videos and audio lol!
I really liked it and checked out all your songs. Everything is awesome except the vocals.
MAN! its the new gns n' roses!!

seriously i loved how it was a live, raw and crazy. your guitarist(s?) are amazing, mary is absolutely sweet. ilove the part where it slows down and the guitr gets cleaner. if you record this song i will definitely buy it, and i can hear this on the radio already...

crit mine? they're on my profile...
pretty cool stuff, i liked the intro, nice and straight rock and roll. catchy verse too, and of course, the solos were sick. i was watcvhing the vid, and i like your stage performance, better than most bands that just stand there. you guys are the defenition of rock and roll ;-) cool stuff!

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

i'm listening to it right now..i like the intro part, but the guitar definitely seems out of tune. i like the vocals. They sound a lot like what I would imagine Axl would sound like if he didn't sing so raspy. i like the solo. good work! its great quality for a live perfomance.
WOW thanks alot for the comments guys! Its great to get feedback from you guys! Yea we try to give live performance 110%! I'll keep everyone posted with the rest of the music , im going to get to the C4C's!
not much ya can say but STRAIGHT DOWN THE LINE ROCKIN ROLL.

liken it

cheers bretto