i need to know how to play improvised solos by just hearing the songs and seeing the chords but i have 2 problems.
1. i dont know how to find out the key of a song. example: if the chords are G A D
how do i know which key its in?
2. when i do find out the key like G for example how do i know what scale to solo in? i know like the G major and G minor or G pentatonic etc... but i dont know which one to solo in.
that stuff in confusing and i cant find anything that answers those questions.
i havent been playing that long so have some grief on me.
and do w/e u can to help me please. ty
Wrong forum. Close this and go to the Instruments > Basics > Guitar and Bass

(Or it's something like that...)

Or maybe the Musician Forum. But the Pit is definitely the wrong place.
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