My favorite song of all time is Yesterday by The Beatles, and i play guitar so of course the first thing i thought of i want to learn that song. Ive been looking up videos and i looked on here..im not THE BEST guitarist. I can do chords and i can read sheet music and do some tabs, but for me to play Yesterday it seems i have to be a professional. Could anyone help me? I changed my guitar tune to D instead of E cause thats what it says to do. But i was wondering if there is any possible way for someone to teach me/help me.

Sorry if that was a bit confusing.
you do not have to be anywhere near a professional. you just don't practice it enough.
just practice it for at least 3 hours every day.
I didn't see any tabs that said to tune in d, are you using sheet music?
Well just practice and practice,its not really a hard song.
If youre starting guitar, i know what you mean by professional, its just because its new to you, just practice.
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Quote by Yestrdy
No im not using sheet music.
I got it off of there. Read the comments. I also heard from someone else u tune it in D.

It doesn't say it's tuned to D. Someone commented on the fact that in the tab, the strings are listed as EAEGBe, which is wrong. It should be EADGBe, in other words standard tuning.

edit: nevermind, i just realized that further down on the comments page people say it's tuned down. But that's really nothing to worry about.
I think tuning you're guitar down half a step will make it much easier, the chords are easier to shift between. Up to you really.
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Dont worry about it, your starting out and youve got a lot to learn, just practice and have fun, i mean ive been playing guitar for six years, and i still get made to feel stupid abotu guitar heaps, s dotn worry, just have fun


Everyone who plays guitar was new to the instrument once. A lot of guitar players seem to be quite insecure about their ability, which I believe contributes to the number of "tough guys" who enjoy ripping on others to feel better about themselves. I've been teaching an older friend of mine (he's pushing 30) for about a year, and sometimes I get really annoyed with him because he screws up or something. But then again, my skill level when I had been playing for a year was probably lower than his (obviously because I was 11 and didn't have such an awesome teacher, but still ).

But yeah, even Steve Vai and Jimi Hendrix were clueless about the guitar at one point.