So, i have my guitar for 7 months now, but I could say that i've played 4 months on it. I've taken like 15 lessons now, but I feel that I just don't improve. I can only play 1 or 2 whole songs in those 4 months. For the rest I can play bits of songs and 2 pentatonic ladders. So is this normal or not? I'm not aguy who plays 4 hours a day, 1 hour is enough, just to keep it fun.

I can play:
Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs (whole song )
Seven Nation Army - White Stripes (whole song)
Rocking in the free world - Neil Young (all except solo)
Some kind of a beginner version of Born To Be Wild and also one of Hey joe
Rythm of About A Girl - Nirvana
Chasing cars - Snow patrol (yay)
E blues pentatonic and A blues pentatonic (those are minors i think)

Oh, and I still make a lot of mistakes, even after i've played these things quite a lot.
honestly dude, i was once where you are.. practise ALOT.. practise alternate picking, practise string skipping, practise alot of different scales over and over again, practise different chords to get muscle memory. All in all just practise those things ALOT. then when you feel you have practised those things enough. Get a dream theater song.. and start learning
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well your ahead of me when i was at 7 months, for the first 6 months (of not really trying to learn how to play the right way and poor technique) i could play maybe only a few riffs haha i sucked!, but i just kept at it, and can play almost anything i try to learn now, so i say just keep practicing alot, it'll all come with practice and time....good luck
I agree, keep at it. I used to be like you, but then one month, I think I cracked it. I could PLAY at last!

Practise your skills like alternate picking and strumming. Eventually you will really notice that you have improved.
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You're not progressing slowly at all, you're progressing at exactly the rate you should. Everybody's different, and as far as guitar goes we all learn different things at different speeds, likewise certain aspects will sink in far easier than others.

You NEVER notice your own improvement if you look for it, it's only when you look back a couple of months and realise you know a whole lot more than you did.

PS you know more than you think....good on you for learning Chasing Cars early, it's a tried and tested knicker-dropper
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PS you know more than you think....good on you for learning Chasing Cars early, it's a tried and tested knicker-dropper

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