I have a licensed floyd rose on my ibanez rg550. i just bought a whammy bar (the rose was second hand and didnt come with one) and it fits in fine. The problem is, I have to use a lot of strength to move it down or up. I know its not supposed to be this stiff, so is there something I need to do to the bridge or something? Did I get the wrong type of bar? Please help!!!
string gauge?
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is the bridge level?

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string gauge is .10s. the bridge is level yes, but obviously floating! any ideas? do i have to loosen some screws or sumat?
take the back plate off and loosen the springs by turning the screws holding the spring anchor/hook/claw/thing.

god knows why you replaced the existing trem on that guitar. original Edge Pro FTW.
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Press down on the whammy til it touches the body. Look at the rear of the bridge (raised now, because of applied pressure), and you'll see a little hole in the right side of the bottom of the raised butt of the bridge. You'll need a special tool from Ibanez to tighten/loosen this hingehole adjustment that will, in turn, make the whammy easier/harder to pull up/down.
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thanks! the whole guitar was actually second hand, thats what i meant :p and yeh, its the original edge pro ;D

thanks danielrobbyshor, i'll try that out!
the springs on the back are probaly to tight or you have to many. try taking some off.
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thanks guys, ive sorted it now, it was just a case of adjusting the springs. i now have whammy power for the first time in 6 years!! YUUUUUUUUUUUS!!!
Just adjust the springs.

Edit: Oh, just noticed that you got it right.
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