I've got my heart pretty much set on a B-52 AT112. I want a cheap, versatile tube amp and I think this is my calling. The only thing is that I want to get it into the hardcore/metal territories. Rather than spending another few hundred dollars and twice the space/weight of a head or 212, I want an OD pedal. I don't know much about these, or whats out there. So I turn to you guys for assistance. Which OD pedal should I get? Budget is 100-150 (max). Thanks
Maxon OD-808. Maxon are the people who built the original Tubescreamer pedals, the OD-808 is a *slightly* (imo) better sounding pedal than the TS-808 and quite a bit cheaper. You could also go for an OD-9 for the True-Bypass, but I can't remember how much that one is so it might be out of your price range, however, the OD-808 can be modded to true-bypass if you ever decided you needed that.
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or a ts-9
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Are the metal zone, uber metal, metal core, or bad monkey pedals worth looking at over the OD808?
over the od808? no. the bad money is the only one worth considering at all.
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