Hi all, I am new to guitars and I have inherited a 1972 ( I believe its 1972) epiphone electric hollow body. It looks beautiful, but I think it needs re fretted, the frets have flats on the tops of most of them. My question is: is this guitars value enough to have the work done or should I keep it in the case and buy something else to start with. I have heard there were a lot of these made from Japan, this one is Japanese, and the value may be low. I don't want to get rid of it, just wondering the best rout to take and the approximate value of this one. Thank you!
ok:P you can send a link to my pm if you want to.. i`ll look it up for ya
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yea post pics here

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o.k. guys I have to jet, be back in few hours, let me know what you think.
well.. i didn`t play that one but.. yeah...400$? 600$? between that i think.. with a bit of cleaning and such..
It`s sad but true.
Thanks guys! I'll look having the tech at a local shop get'er rollin.
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