unaware of how your touch can break the ice,
while the thorns from my heart rest deep in your palm,
pullin' em then pushin' em in,
i'm just a doll for your voodoo,
a lover to ful-fill your libido,

glass painting poses of a higher status,
you've always wanted more,
princess then a devil,
you've always showed more,
lover then a depressed romantic,
i can't give much more,

breaking the needle was always easier,
then taking my last drink,
you've always gave me a craving for more,
i'm breaking more than just a habit,
a way of life,

Wrist Held Over Relevant Energy,
there goes my mind making sentences with words,
taking actions on what became verbs,
your love's like a plague,
taking everything including my pain,
then feeding me lies to settle the night,

f*ck this, it's over,
i won't stay home,
i won't be sober,
nails deep in the flesh,
the wound shows signs of life,
i'll be fine!