Hello UG,

As some of you may know, my band has been locked up in the studio for quite some time now, preparing our first ever album. This weekend, we released single #2 of the album. This song is called "Dreaming in HD". You can give it a listen on http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/aprilfrost/ . The album's first single, "Like a Metaphor" is also up on the site.

let us know what you think,


Dreaming in HD - April Frost 2007

Just like we were dreaming in high definition
like every day was sunday
she speaks in poetry, but walks in prose
as she stumbles out of the carnival ride

Come on down with me
come on down
come on down with me

come on down with me
come on down,
come on down with me

the look in your eyes says don't stop
'cause i know that you are true

A majestic ship sets sail at noon
drifting off to a new horizon
half past twelve and i'm watching it go
from the shore i'm lost here now


in dreams there are no impossibilities
so let's drink ourselves awake

Just like we were dreaming in high defintion
like every day was sunday
escape this fantasy in a shake
nothing is worth it anymore


you're all that keeps me here and i'll be waiting
you're all that won't fade away...
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The production's not great, i.e. the levels aren't good, and the guitar sounds really horrible in the chorus (but I like how it sounds in the verses). You're forcing your vocals and it sounds really un-natural, like you're pretending to sing like someone else and not using your own voice. The bit at 2:22 sounds cool: I like the sort of soundscape-esque feel it's got. I can hear there's backing vocals in the chorus at the end, they're just far far too low in the mix.

I reckon this could be a good song if it was re-mixed and you re-did the vocals because at the moment they let it down
Terrible guitar tone throughout. Acoustic is super bland, muted, just bad. Electric during chorus is indistinct, carries no rhythm, and is just an annoying buzz.

Vocals sound really forced. Bad.

This is studio? Find a new studio.

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