Has anyone had any experience with the NT Beast?

I've been searching around for reviews but haven't found anything specifically about this series.

However, I do see that people consistently post that the 2007 B.C. Rich line has improved drastically over the previous years, but it seems the NT series came out late 2006...

Thanks in advance for any input.
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its a piece 'o' sh1t

played one?

i havent heard any complaints about the 07's so far.. if they had any sevenstrings id definatly try one.

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I have a BC Rich Beast NJ series I love it but it's not the guitar for every one. It's heavy and akward so you have to get used to it. With the pionty ends it can get chipped easily. I have to say I love the sound mine has and it plays nice and fast. I have a LFR on mine that seems to be one of the better ones. I might upgrade to Duncans in the future just because My BC Rich V and my Mockingbird has them and they scream. I think the only difference in my Beast and the NT is the neck thru (NT) and the description also says it has an OFR not a LFR. The pups are the same. I have had mine for years now it was the guitar that got me back into collecting and playing again. If you decide to but try and make a deal and get the case you'll never get it anything out there but the BC Rich case.

Ever since my BC Rich Avenge Son Of Beast fell apart, I kinda decided to stay away from low-mid end BC Riches.
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Thanks for the descriptive post, johnro6659. I'd definitely try to take good care of it if i got one.

For the other posters, could you be more detailed as to why you think it is a bad guitar? The beast could possibly be bad, but its just not too convincing when all I have to base my decision off of it is "it sucks".
No problem. I like BC Rich guitars but I always tell people do not buy anything less than thr NJ series. I wish at the time I bought mine there were other versions available but from what I saw on the BC Rich site you got the NJ or Top of the line one nothing in between. The only thing I can figure is most people only have experiance with the low end BC Rich guitars and make a judgement from there. Most people I know who own them own better ones and they like them. I just got my Mockingbird back from the shop because the trem was messed up by the original owner and my luthier said it was one of the best playing guitars he has seen in a long time and he sees 1000s of guitars a year. He hated to see it go! LOL IMHO that's the best recomendation it could get. He saw my Beast after I got it because I didn't know much about adjusting FR trems the strings buzzed like crazy after I put new ones on. It was the first time he ever saw one. He thought it was interesting to say nthe least but he said he thought nit was well made and once he set it up for me and showed me how to deal with and set up the trem it hasn't had a problem since. I like the specs on the NT and WMD models I want to try a WMD out but I doubt I'll buy one only because I have the NJ and even thought it's a bolt and the pups are decent I still would love to swap a set of Duncans in it. The only way I would buy a new model is if I got a good deal on mine and the new one.

One thing with any guitar like this is buy strap locks these things will pop right off a regular strap.

As far as BC Rich guitars go my son has an NJ Warlock and beats the living crap out of it, it looks like it went thru a war but it still plays well and sounds good. He is really bad with anything and if can't break it, that right there is a great endorsment. LOL It's at least 5+ years old by now. The squier one of his friends gave him fell apart in the matter of a few weeks and it was supposed to be a better guitar.

You really need to try one out before you buy it as with any guitar and play it thru an amp that is basically the same as the one you own. I have seen several guitarists gig with a Beast but it has to be hard on their shoulder and neck. Mine is pretty heavy compared to some of the guitars I have. It actually might be the heaviest. I also don't agree with the Line 6 haters mine works and sounds fine. I would buy another with out hesitation. Still would love a vintage Marshall full stack, I loved the one I had.