Hi, i was wondering if anyone could guide me towards the right practice amp. I've been playing almost 3 months now and i'm looking at playing mainly metal, but i would like some versatility to play softer rock/alternative aswell. My budget is up to £150(around $250 i beleive), i may be able to go higher but not by much. I've been looking at the Vox AD15vt and the roland minicube, but if i'm very honest i don't know much at all about amps, so all advice is welcome .
Go for the Microcube; it sounds pretty decent and is portable, so it can serve a purpose even after you've upgraded to something else.
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If your considering the microcube the Vox DA5 might be worth a look at too, it's a little portable amp like the micro cube and like FacingUsAll said you can use it later even after getting a better amp.

Though simply speaking amp quality wise the Ad15vt might be better cause it's a hybrid and the larger size. However any of those should be fine for a starter.
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