OK I'm buying a new amp but I was looking at it and saw that there's a special input (and I think an output) for effects. Can someone explain this? The ****ty amp I have right now just has the one input, and all my pedals go in the space inbetween it and the guitar.

So yeah can someone explain this? Thanks.
its an effects loop, for stuff like chorus and phase, not distortions. It removes some of the noise you get from the effects being infront of the amp, and they sound better. Its only used for the modulation effects though.
You can put effects in the Effects Loop. Cable from effects out to pedal, and form pedal to effecst in or something along those lines. It's used so you can have the effect affect (yay pun-ish) the preamp section too.
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And yeah, I think that's an FX loop.

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^Your name!
And yeah, I think that's an FX loop.

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