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24 86%
4 14%
Voters: 28.
Im trying to convince my friend that an amp is more important than a guitar.

Hes got an epiphone LP with an EMG 81 in the bridge. I think the guitar should last him fine for now.

But hes got a line 6 15 watter
tell your friend hes an idiot
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theres no rules.
it's jobswoths like you that ruin other peoples enjoyment at playing guitar.
hes got a better amp than me
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I think his sounds limited with a amp with sounds built in, but it can go either way in terms of importance, but i think a amp is slightly more important
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Easy choice:

-Does he like the playability of his guitar? Yes... then get an amp. No...Then get a new guitar.
-Does he like the sound he's producing? Yes... then get a new guitar. No... then get a new amp.

Same thing, different question xD
maybe an amp is overall more important, but i'd personally have a great guitar with an okay amp instead of the other way.
well an epiphone lp with emgs isnt so bad, so he shud get a new amp

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o come on... which muppet said guitar??
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Depends on what guitar and what amp you're talking about.

When you're talking about a bedroom/garage band level, amp is more important. A good amp can do wonders for your sound, while having a good guitar is usually overkill; it won't hurt exactly, but you're not making the most of it.

On the other hand, once you get up to big stadium band level, the differences between amps aren't as varied, and really it becomes a case of anything is usable.
Meanwhile, your guitar selection becomes more important, as you can finally get every last drop of quality out of whatever guitar you're using, and so you need something that really is unbeatable, with no flaws - while high-end bleeding off at low volumes may be acceptable and unnoticeable at small band level, for big bands it's completely unacceptable. Same applies to every other little aspect of the guitar; at this level, everything about it must be perfect.
Definitely should buy a new amp.
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