Im considering buying a pair of Red Monkey Humbuckers, notably hte PAF copy nad the Warmer one.

I want anything from blues to Zakk Wylde tones..

Any good?
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I see my guitar as a chick because I'd be damned if i were ever holding / fingering a guy for hours a day.

I lulzed.
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The hell is a Red Monkey pickup?

i think he meant "what the hell is a Red Monkey pickup", which I couldnt agree more with

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Put red didnt I?

Blame Top gear

Yeah, discuss

Ah. I have a set of Cord's (he's a user on UG) single coils. They're excellent.
I'm planning on buying a humbucker for my neck position after I get some new speakers, and a custom bridge humbucker too. Great stuff.
dude red monkey hmm isn't thats cord's company? if so id buy 'em if i were u , he is a trustworthy guy
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T Heff, No shit I'm a n00b

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EDIT: t heff wins the for the best response.

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i im gonna have to agree with t heff