I need money fast for a trip to Colorado in a couple of weeks. More pictures of all items are avaliable if wanted/needed.

Vox Valvetronix 100VHT Half Stack, $500
Half Stack Picture

Head: Valve Reactor power amp for genuine tube tone and feel. 11 ultra-realistic amp models. 11 great-sounding digital effects. Adjustable power amp output control. 2 channels. Effects loop. 11 preset programs.

Cabinet:. Closed-back design. 4 specially voiced custom-design 12 30W8 ohm Vox speakers. Sturdy cabinet construction. Recessed side handles.

I've owned this amp for some time, and never once have I been dissapointed with it. There are so many options with that amp, that it would be impossible to not find a sound you want; from metal to blues, from rock and roll to indie music, this amp can literally do it all. There is a tiny section (an inch) towards the bottom of the cab, with 2 or 3 tiny, tiny nicks in the exterior. I bought a kit to fix and, and will fix for sure before shipping.

Ovation Acoustic, $175
Ovation Picture
Serial Number: 160567
Model Number: 1112

This guitar plays great. It was my first acoustic, and has treated me very well throughout the years. There are a few nicks in the paint, but nothing is wrong with this guitar other than a few cosmetic details. The action is great, and it holds tune with the best of them. It's still in fine shape, but I've gotten an Epiphone acoustic recently, and as I said, I need money. The case is thrown in free if the guitar is purchased.

*If interested, the case can be bought without the guitar for $40.

Yamaha 4 Pad Drum Machine (brand new), $40
Drum Machine Picture
Model: DD20C

This drum machine is brand new, literally messed with once. It has a nearly limitless combonations of drum sounds, and it is very easy to use. I recorded a bit the time I messed with it, and it puts out a good quality drum sound. I got this at the beginning of the year for full price, but I'm letting it go for the eBay price, $40. Includes one set of drum sticks.

Percussion Plus Drum Set, $200
Drum Set Picture

This is a very good beginners drum set. All of the drums on here sound great. I don't play it anymore, so it's time for it to go. For $150, you will not find a better deal than this. If drum set is purchased, I will include a *FREE* double bass pedal.

Schecter Ultra III, $375
Schecter Picture #1
Schecter Picture #2
Schecter Picture #3
Schecter Picture #4

BODY: Mahogany w/ Raised Center & Sculptured Edge
NECK/FINGERBOARD: 3-pc. Mahogany w/Rosewood
FRETS: 22 Jumbo
INLAYS: Pearl Blocks
PICKUPS: Duncan Designed FG-101
ELECTRONICS: Vol/Tone/3 mini on-off-tap
BRIDGE: TOM w/ Bigsy B-50 vibrato
BINDING: Creme (neck, headstock)
TUNERS: Grover

This is an amazing guitar, but recently I've mellowed out, and I'm playing strictly acoustic. But this guitar can handle anything. With three Duncan pick-ups, and full control over all of them, you can get any sound you're after. No scratches other than a tiny chip in paint where the neck is fixed to the body. This guitar looks great, feels great, and sounds even better.

If guitar is bought, I will ship in a complimentary hardshell case.

The case can be bough seperate for $50, also.

Thanks everybody. Pictures avaliable on request. Any questions, feel free to ask them. I may be open to trades, but cash is definitely preferred. But feel encouraged to shoot me your trade idea.
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I honestly have no idea, being as I've never shipped a set before; but I can assure you, I will charge you the exact shipping price. And if I had to guess, I'd say it wouldn't be over 50 dollars. Then, that's $200 for a set, which is still a good deal; plus the free double pedal.

Let me know what you think.
I'm interested in that drum machine,,,,but I'm not sure I can really afford to be buying anything else right now. I'll let you know with-in a few days.
I have no idea what shipping would be, but I can find out. I won't charge you any more than what it costs.

But 300... Hm. Let me sit on it for awhile. I'll get back to you.
There are cymbals, but I won't lie; they are bad. But yes, there are cymbal stands and hardware.

And yeah, shipping to the UK would probably be outrageous. If you are willing to pay it, however, I have no problem at all.
I check FedEx.com, and if I didn't mess anything up, it said shipping would be about $20.
I can't do it for $40 shipped... What about $55?
Any idea how much that would be? Also, I don't have a paypal account so will that be a huge problem?
that vox half stack is sexy...
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