So yesterday I was down in Nashville. Totally fun day might I add. I had a lil bit of money with me to eat, but my ex's parents offered to pay for my food. How could I say no to a free meal, and her dad was buying a new guitar. He ended up with a Sheraton II. I played it through a Blackface Twin RI. mmm it was delicious. So here he was buying all this guitar stuff, so i was in the mood to buy something too. all i had was like $60, so all the guitars/amps i was trying out were out of price range. So i went to the pedal rack, was going to buy a phase 90, but i couldnt find a script one. So i went on with the EHX rack. considered a fuzz, none in price range, so settled for a Nano clone. So much fun with the pedal already. It has no noise at all, i read something aobut htem being noisy. there isnt any with my OD + chorus through the clean channel.

Oh BTW i tried out of course the Sheraton II, Casino, and a Joe (something) hollowbody. I definitally prefered the Sheraton, the Casino seemed too light and the Joe was too big. Tried all those through the Blackface Twin RI, and a blues deluxe, the Twin was soo much bassier totally sexii.

I also tried out one of those reversed headstock strats, because it was laying there. Picked it up started playing. Tried it through the spider tube (not worth the cost), classic 30 (sounded pretty sexii, didnt spend much time iwht it), Mini JSX (sounded alright, once again didnt spend as much time with it), and a regular JSX (mmm sounded pretty good, took a bit to dial it in right, but nowhere near TEH BR00talz. which i expected).

Then some kids came over and starting "shredding" on a spider III and talking about the br00talz tone, oh i love GC for people like this. They started to tried the intro to BTBAM Alaska, total fail. So i picked up an RG (not sure of the model) plugged into a triple recto (now that i look back this was totally immature ) i started playing The light that blinds by Shadows Fall. I dont know much along the metal lines, but thats the first thing that popped in mind besides Laid To Rest. So the triple recto had decent tone, i like the 5150 better but its all opinion. I laughed and went back over to the Sheraton and the RI twin.

I was pretty happy with yesterday. I love Nashville GC!

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