Yeah, so we have two new songs off our upcoming EP entitled "Enormities" We spent a good amount of money getting them recorded, and we're really excited about them. We would love to have some feedback on these songs, so please comment away! Also i will crit 4 crit as always but please dont leave positive feedback just to receive positive feedback because i will be honest with your music no matter what you say about ours.

thanks so much!

absolution -
sounds kind of out of time.
not a great deal of variation, the drums are a bit boring but it may be pretty hard to get anythin goin on at those speeds.
like the breakdown bit, most inventive part of the song probably.
The end chorus thing sounds better as well, bit clearer and nicer vocals.

nicer drums to start with here, like that.
vocal playoff is good but sounds like bits might be going out of time a little. guitar is quite high in the mix i think, can't hear much bass or owt else. bit of space in the recording wit a bit of reverb might be nice i think.

not bad songs, i can see you improvin in future.