i havent been learning how to play songs that use strumming, but i have started now. i learned how to play marty casey's trees and i discovered that i should be learning how to play songs that u can sing along while playing since they are more my type.
anyone know any song that can help teach me more strumming patterns?
im learning how to play staind- everything changes and i believe i know how to strum it. But it seems weird when i play it. any tips and is it down up down up down when i strum?
and can anyone give me the strumming pattern for stephen speaks' passengers seat?

ummm itd be nice if all of u can recommend songs that are in standard tuning.
thx in advance.
brown eyed girl - van morrison
so long goodbye - sum 41
imagine - john lennon
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Nickelback - Rockstar
City & Colour (Dallas Green) - Comin' Home (capo @ 2nd fret)
Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Acoustic)
Seether - Remedy (Acoustic)
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (Acoustic)
I don't recommend Iris (by Goo Goo Dolls) simply because it's in one hella weird tuning.

I have a brother that has almost no rhythm, can't strum with tempo and changes beat every measure. Rather irritating. Your best bet is to listen around - find songs that sound pretty simplistic strumming, and figure out their style and be determined to realize the vague differences.

Here's a few good easy strumming songs that should help you:

Let Me Go - 3 Doors Down
Epiphany - Staind
Everything Changes - Staind
Outside - Staind (Acoustic)
So Far Away - Staind
Innocent - Fuel

I mentioned a lot of staind... because most of their stuff is painfully simple.

Most of those are in standard E, few are in flat. Good luck, and starting out on guitar is always the hardest thing. We've all been there.
thanks guys.
i gotta stick to one song... started learning how to play staind's everything changes, but learned how to play matchbox 20's how far we've come instead...
well actually im not all to new at guitar just never tried learning songs that we sing along to. btw this isnt my account. this acct has been abandoned by a family member so i asked if i can have it...
heart of gold by neil young.
simple strumming but it really makes a good bass to learn from.
in the shadow of the valley of death by marilyn manson.
easy one is knockin on heavens door, or cheesy one is wonderwall by oasis