Hey I'm looking into buying a peavey classic 30 but I have not tried it yet and I was looking at a picture of it on the internet and I noticed that it dose not have a standby switch. I thought that all tube amps had to have standby switches in order for the tubes to warm up properly. why doesn't the classic have a standby switch? and will this effect the life span of it tubes?
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My classic 50 has a standby switch. Maybe the 30's do not have them.
Anyways... it really doesn't matter too much, as long as you keep your guitar and amp's volumes down while the tubes warm up. After that, it's no problem. You'll only run into problems with it if you're gigging with it, but even then, you could just turn the volumes off.
Other than that, it's a spectacular amp. Great cleans, great OD, decent stock speaker, and great construction.
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i have a 30 version, it doesnt have a standby switcha, and... it doesn't make a difference. all i do to warm up the tubes before playing is turn the volume on guitar of for a minute and then play. and as darkarbiter7 said, its a great amp for the price.