Clever play on words on his part I guess. I would have named it something like "How I got my Hair so Poofy - An Autobiography by Slash" if I were him.

It will probably make for an interesting read.
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hm...coulda this been inspired by Nikki Sixx?

i just hope every artist from the 80s doesnt write a book
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Quote by zwound
Wasn't sure where to post it, but this is interesting...

an extract from Slash's autobiography. Very interesting


best thing i've read in ages. Definitely gonna buy that book.

you don't read much, do you?
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Sounds pretty interesting, might pick it up.

I liked the Dirt, but I guess this is written in a less serious tone (what with not having any children who die to cancer, getting in jail or watching your friends die while you DUI).
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i used to idolise him, but that just makes him sound like a twat. Ive got to admit, though, that i laughed quite a lot when i read it.
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Quote by The_Seventh_Sin
hm...coulda this been inspired by Nikki Sixx?

i just hope every artist from the 80s doesnt write a book

The amount of references to him is high.
It is an amazing read, I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover.
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Taht part about inventing speedballs himself is similar to what Nikki said in The Dirt as well, but I doubt that's a copy - kinda common sense if you get me to drugs people lol.

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